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admira WijayA

Admira Wijaya is a well-known professional illustrator, concept artist, and comic artist

with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in realistic American-style character designs and has worked with major entertainment industry giants such as Marvel, Warner Bros, and DC Comics, creating superhero artwork since 2009. Currently, he collaborates with many great publishers worldwide to create comic book covers, movie posters, game concepts, and many other visual art projects.

Through years of working with world-class artists, Admira Wijaya has combined all the "Hollywood taste" into one unique style, especially when it comes to detailing every inch of the art. He never stops learning to deliver the best visual art that realizes people's fantasies and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Admira was born in Malang in 1976 and currently resides on the island of Gods, Bali. He has extended his field by establishing a remotely-run studio called SNAW STUDIO, where he works with a team of professionals. Admira and his partner Sally share their optimism with youngsters that pursuing illustration or learning to draw can lead to a promising career. Together, they hope to inspire the new generation to pursue a bright future as professional illustrators.

Recently, we have been creating a lot of covers for comics, novels, magazines, movies, and games. Additionally, we have also been working on comic interior coloring projects.


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