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Each illustration rate will be depends on the RENDER QUALITY, STYLE, AND SIZE.

Admira Wijaya create a very realistic look, nice details and dramatic feels to his artworks.

Please kindly provide examples and ideas before emailing us. Make sure you interested in one of the category of quality and styles below. And due the full queue of commissions, please consider a longer deadline.


PRICELIST 1 2020 - Copy.jpg
PRICELIST 2 2020 - Copy.jpg


Basically, each illustration rate will be depends on the size, render quality and styles.

for an example:

A4 - 300dpi sized art (210 × 297 mm or 8.27 × 11.69"), the lowest size we provide, one minimalist character / half body, with minimalist BG. Deliver in: 1-3 weeks depends on jobs traffic.

ilustration (3).jpg
original character (3).png

- The more characters, backgrounds, and bigger size resolution, will cost much more than that.

- Doing payment with Paypal (+5%) and Wire Transfer only.

- Usually the procedure is client pay 50% up front and 50% when completed via PayPal (+5%), we do a sketch   phase with 1 to 2 passes of notes and then color phase with 1 to 2 passes of notes. Layered file / Hi-Res file will be send after remaining payment received.

- Freely contact us for a discussions or advices, schedule of what you may need. Due to a lot of commissions traffic, please contact and ask us an availability. Thank you!

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